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Dr. Meyer


I’ve been using the Micronic Silver in place of an antibiotic at my dentistry office for about a year now, with fabulous results. The dosages vary and have to be tweaked per individual similar to antibiotics, However, I have not had anyone that required an Rx antibiotic for surgery or preoperatively as the Micronic Silver works great. I have my Members hold the undiluted Micronic Silver in their mouth for a few minutes prior to swallowing. Another Micronic Silver product I use at my practice, my personal favorite, is Oleazone.
Oleazone is astonishing! I simply place it at the surgical sights immediately after the surgical procedure. The healing time has dramatically improved from several weeks to just a few days. It is Incredible! My Members have experience little to no post surgically pain, no swelling or bruising except for a rare occasion. Oleazone in combination with the Micronic Silver liquid placed into the surgical site is nothing short of miraculous. I believe I have a marriage made in heaven with Micronic Silver products. My Members continue the Micronic Silver with the pack change as needed without the Oleazone into the sights after the first few days or so. It was my belief that the power of O3 of any kind into the wound will prevent the wound from healing. (it proved not to be so). So, I chose to use the Oleazone for a few days and then back that down without the Oleazone, then use other medicament such as oil of clove coconut oil etc. .  In my opinion, Ozone as with peroxide in an open wound will usually delay healing, but not with Oleazone. It is my experience that the ingestion of Micronic Silver works great even in children. I have also used the Oleazone for tough acne cases and this has worked great as well with other skin eruptions. I would highly recommend these products if you truly want to help your family members.
Love and Peace Dr. Diane Meyer 

Brigid  P.

Exceptional! Nature’s Miracle Silver Lining provides a superior product and service. Their unique products quickly treated my symptoms, but more importantly, they strived to educate and encourage treatment for my whole body and discover the root cause of my many issues. I was pleasantly surprised by their knowledge and variety of products.

GWEN  RAPLEY   Valpariso IN

I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the micronic silver after one use. I have what I think is a bunion on my foot which is inflamed, swells and throbs at night when I sleep. Day one when I used this product I could feel a difference and it has continued to improve with use, all of the swelling is gone, I have no more pain and have not finished the first bottle. I am a believer in this product. I shared a bottle with each of my sons and they have both noticed improvement, one with skin issues and the other with overall feeling of wellness. I have tried other silvers in the past with no noticeable changes. Kudos to you with this amazing product, you made a believer out of me! Thanks, Gwen Rapley Valparaiso, IN 

JAN ,             CHARLOTTSVILLE, N.C,

Nature’s Miracle Silver Linings
Micronic Silver was an integral part of my recent health protocol. I was able to recover from a serious infection in my digestive tract. The use of Micronic Silver assisted me in avoiding the use of antibiotics. Three weeks after diagnosis I am healed without disrupting mt gut flora from antibiotics. Very thankful to have found this product. 


Please share anonymously. Testimonial: I was diagnosed with HPV and a few months after my diagnosis, warts began forming on my finger pads. I began using the Micronic Silver topically and ingesting it and the warts began instantly fading away and cured it completely! Again thank you so much! K.V.

Michael W. Smith


I have been using the Natures Miracle Silver Lining products for years and the results have always been amazing! Traveling extensively every year, I always pack a bottle of Oleazone and Micronic Silver  in my luggage to keep safe. I have also enjoyed the soothing effect of Silvizone and Topical with skin rashes to take away the sting and itching right away. It's been a real blessing and good peace of mind to know that if I get a burn, a bee sting, cuts, scrapes or any kind of skin rash, the formulas always deliver fast results and good healing. Thank you for providing these wonderful products to help keep us safe! 

Floyd McLendon 


Great for healing shingles- This past Christmas week, I developed a serious case of shingles on my scalp, ear, face and neck. My ear had over 100 sores both inside and out and was so swollen (about 3 times its normal size) it was hanging off sideways from my scalp. On the fourth day into the breakout I began spraying the sores with Micronic Silver. In 3 days the swelling was gone and most of the sores healed. I continued to spray my face and neck twice daily. I have no scarring whatsoever. The product is amazing!! Floyd McLendon, Celebration, Florida 

Brian Martin

Algonquin Il

I have been using Nature’s Miracle Silver Lining products for past few weeks. I have a skin condition that at least 12 doctors have not been able to diagnose my condition. I get open sores on my forearms and on both of my legs below the knees to my ankles. I have not been without sores in one or all these areas for 14 years. After using Natures Miracle Silver Lining products, I noticed a major improvement in my skin after a few days, and in three weeks both my arms and my right leg are 99.9 percent cleared of sores. My left leg was real bad but still has had about a 70% improvement to date. I am very grateful for these amazing healing products. 

Grazyna Rybarska 


My problem with eyes began at New Year's Eve, after using mascara. I got severe eyes inflammation. Initially I was treated with neomyc-polym-dexameth eye drops Then I was prescribed antibiotc-doxycycline and neomyc-polym-dexamet eye ointment. After ten days I change ophthalmologist and I had surgery to remove chalazions from my eyelids. I continued antibiotics for the next month and used for two weeks ointment together, in the meantime I had the injection of steroids to the eyelids, After one month on antibiotics my eye doctor advised me to continue to use antibiotics for next month, which I did not agree with because my vision was getting worse and worse. Without antibiotics my eyes inflammation and chalazion exacerbated, I was in despair. Then my friend told me about Nature;s Miracle Silver Linings Micronic Silver, It was like a miracle happened. Micronic silver spray and Silvizone are the greatest products in the world, I have recovered my eyes almost completely during the week without any side effects. Thank you ,I am grateful for that and I bless your products. Grazyna Rybarska 

Suzan Paladino, ESMT.

Inverness,  Illinois

I LOVE YOUR MICRONIC SILVER! I use it on so many conditions, I can’t even begin to list them all! So here is the biggest use for me. I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis. Taking 6 pills/day I was still having problems in my lower rectum ( bleeding and mucus) making my job difficult because I travel a lot in my car. So I decided to try the Micronic Silver (That I have had such great success with in my business). I took 1 teaspoon by enema every night for a month. After the first nights treatment I noticed there was no blood, OMG! I then began to start taking the Micronic Silver orally ( 1 teaspoon) each day. Now I no longer need the enemas, I just take a teaspoon every night before bed. It has been about 2 months and I am doing great! I cannot wait to share this with my doctor at my next appointment. Spread the word people- Micronic Silver WORKS! 

Barb S.

Thank You for this product! I have Psoriasis. So when Susan said “ try this Micronic Silver on your Psoriasis, it will help” I had to laugh in disbelief! Trusting her I gave it a try with nothing to lose. I sprayed it on the area and drank 1 teaspoon several times per day. OMG! The next day the Psoriasis was almost gone, a little pink but totally smooth! IN 24 HOURS…UNBELIEVEABLE! I can’t be without it now. I can’t Thank You Enough!  

Cindy Kijowski

 Micronic Silver: My son Jim has Crohn's disease. I Seen you at health expo, tried your Micronic Silver sample and seen good results. We would like to buy some and see how well he does on a longer term as he is not insured and cannot receive medical treatment at this time. Anyway, he says the results seem to be better than the biological he was taking. Thank you,  

Lisa Q. 

Lemont, Il

Being a skeptic, it was hard for me to believe that your Micronic Silver works with so many things, but it does! I spray it in my eyes for my allergies and the itching stops instantly! I burned myself and immediately sprayed the area- only one spray, the burning stopped and there was no blistering! Hard to believe? Well, I’m here to tell you – IT DID! I am a true Believer now and am constantly trying it on all sort of things> Thank You . Lisa Q.

Raymond Bogusz


  I suffer from cluster headaches and was given a sample of your product. It seems to be helping and I would like to purchase more.  After 40 years of dealing with cluster headaches, numerous drug therapies, trips around the country too neurological specialists. I may have finally found a cure. Going on two weeks of three capfuls a day, my headaches are leaving. The cycle I've been going through of 6-8 headaches per day, is now one to two managable headaches. Thank you. Will update my progress next week. 

Debbie D

I love your Micronic Silver! When I’m feeling run down or staring to get sick I take ½ teaspoon a couple times a day, by the end of the day or the next morning I am back to normal WOW! This stuff works. P.S. I even sent my daughter off to college with some. Great stuff. Thank You! 

Equitouch Massage, LLC


I work with Animals Large and small. We do everything from message to injury therapies. I have used Micronic Silver with great success for thrush & fungus and Silvizone for scratches and cuts. I had a horse with sever allergies , we sprayed the Micronic Silver up the horses nose with great results-no more head shaking!  Suzan Paladineo, ESMT Equitouch Massage, LLC

Carol K

Aurora, Il

"My most impressive experience with Micronic Silver, was when my son came into my room while I had the curling iron on and was late for work. I was inpatient and not paying attention to what I was doing, my son asked me a question and while I was getting ready I gripped the wrong end of the curling iron. OMG I thought I was going to pass out from the pain of the HOT iron. I instantly ran could water over my hand while I reached for the Micronic Silver and poured some in a cup I had sitting on my bathroom counter. UNBELIEVABLE, within seconds of placing my hand in the Miconic Silver liquid, the burning on my fingers and the palm of my hand STOPPED, NO Kidding. My thumb continued to burn for another 4/5 minutes, than the pain also went away. I could not believe that there was NO blistering or even any swelling or redness. I was able to finish getting ready without any pain/blistering from the burn I received. This stuff is GOOD." 

Clayton Reutter  

Chicago Il

"Micronic Silver works outstanding on my diverticulitis, I have missed about 60 days of work and lost 26 lbs in the last year before I found Micronic Silver. I started using it and the pain stopped within minutes” I am pain free when I use it!" I have been using it for 2 years now and have gained 29 lbs, not missed a days work and eat whatever I want. 

Robin Clark

Willow Springs, Il

"My experience with this Micronic Silver has been very positive. I believe in one area in particular it has assisted me was in chemo recovery. The kind of chemo I had was in pill form every day, which drained my strength. I did as needed, consuming a teaspoon to tablespoon several times per day. With Micronic Silver, I did feel stronger and had more energy. When I am treated with chemo, this Micronic Silver helps me gain strength to fight my cancer. So far with chemo treatments, my tumor marker numbers have dropped significantly from 1,100 to 220. & My white blood cell count went from 10 to 140. The only thing I do differently is take the Micronic Silver. The tumor is not growing and has stabilized. We hope for even more, but for now we are happy with the de-progression of the cancer. Thank you. 

Jessica Bovee

Montgomery, Il

"I am truly amazed with the results we have experienced. My boyfriend always has low numbers after chemotherapy (which is to be expected) when he started taking Micronic Silver the numbers doubled and tripled, keeping his immune system up and him strong enough to have all his treatments on time! During his previous rounds of Chemotherapy he had to get a Nuelasta shot every month.... not this time!" 

Jamie Barwick

Indianapolis IN

"When I received an email from the breeder that my new puppy had Parvo, I was devistated. Anyone that is familiar with this disease knows most dogs don't survive. Parvo is extremely contagious. We treated each of the 11 English Mastiff puppies with the Ozone Stabilized Mionic Silver both orally and rectally. With in 48 hours, these pups were all doing great! Unfortunately, the 2 puppies that were initially infected (of the 11 puppies) did not make it. I do believe that if these puppies had been treated with Micronic Silver sooner they would have lived. When the autopsy results came back inconclusive it was evident the silver had killed the parvo virus


Yourville Il

"February, 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had spread, producing a noticably large tumor in the lymphnode on my neck. Shortly after the doctors gave me 6 months to live. In March I began Chemotherapy. Meanwhile, I was in search of alternative medicine and natural ways to beat this disease. I was introduced to these products and immediately added them to my daily regimen. Prior to using the Micronic Silver, I was coughing up blood anywhere from 3 - 4 times a day. Within 24 hours my bloody episodes had subsided. As of July, 2014, I am back to work full time. I feel like adding Micronic Silver to my daily routine has not only given me energy but has played a role in my decreased pain and fatigue. I look forward to the day I can say, "I kicked cancer's ass!" 



"Before taking the product I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. I was always in pain every day all day. After taking Micronic Silver for about 8 days, I noticed that I could walk without pain and by the end of the first month I could stand for 30 minutes in church and enjoy the worship without pain or stiffness." Cheryl

A. Burks

Albert Burks  University Park Il

"I have to share this with everyone I meet. Have you ever awaken with a headache? My wife woke up one morning and instead of saying I slept well, she complained of a headache, I told her to drink a cap full of that Micronic Silver stuff that was given to me, and rolled back over to sleep. She went to the bathroom and returned excited and said my head has stopped hurting. That was fast! I now tell every person I see about it. I even gave my son's friend a bottle who was suffering from a toothache, he now wants to sell the products." A.Burks University Park, Il.  

Jeremy Kostrzewa

Wheaton Il

 A couple weeks back at a holistic fair in wheaten Illinois I wandered to this very well put together table where I applied some Micronic Silver to my broken and throbbing hand. I had heard of colloidal silver being used in vapor to pull toxins and viruses from the body but had never even thought to apply it to the skin.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical myself, yet almost immediately after the Micronic Silver was applied the pain and swelling started to subside. Fractionated coconut oil was then placed on my hand along with Oleazone salve and the rest of the day was pain free. I gained some movement back in my fingers with the receding of the swelling as well. I am completely blown away at this amazing product. To top it all off I was sent home with a couple ounces of the oral Micronic Silver and to my delight, after drinking a tube before bed, I awoke refreshed and had much more energy than I did the day before. Clarity of thought and ease of cognition followed and I must say that this product is worth a try to anyone looking to better themselves physically, and when we start to take care of ourselves we love ourselves and mentally we heal as well. Thank you for your service :)  

Kole Green


 I was intrigued by the information provided by the Micronic Silver representatives and decided to try the products. Over the past few months the Micronic Silver Spray worked great when applied to bug bites and even a bee sting that was greatly irritating my skin for several days which stopped once I applied the silver topically. Great product for a variety applications. 

 I am writing to let you know how fabulous your Micronic Silver has been for my health. I recently had surgery for infections in my jaw bones which are very hard to get rid of. Micronic Silver has been a saving grace for me. I feel so much better, have more energy, and the silver got rid of all the pain in my mouth. Also, there have been no side effects from taking it. It has been crucial in my recovery from a very longtime, chronic condition. Thank you very much.

I really enjoy Micronic Silver product, we've been using it for 2 years. We've used it on everything from blisters, bee stings, scrapes and allergic reactions. It drastically cut down the time it takes to heal and improves it. I wanted  to let You know that your product probably saved my life, that's just how sick I was and how much the Micronic Silver helped me. Thanks so very much. 



My name is Armondo I own a granite fabrication company in Illinois. One of my customers introduced me to Nature’s Miracle Silver Lining products about a year and a half ago. Being that I travel a lot I was intrigued by their Micronic Silver product as a form of natural immune booster, I have to say that I have had a great experience with it. My aunt in Italy was suffering from shingles for a while. I was presented with the Shinglease product, I sent it to my aunt in Italy and she said it relieved the pain as promised and she believes it helped in her recovery shortly after taking the Shinglease. As the year passed, I continued to take the Micronic Silver as a preventative agent with success.

Maria Tempest

My testimony: I was severely ill with a massive infection, an abscess on my liver the size of a man’s fist, blood that wouldn’t clot and one day from renal failure. I was in the hospital for six days and given massive antibiotics, vitamin K for my blood clotting and a liver drain. After seven weeks of my liver abscess not draining from the first two drains, my Sunday school class laid hands on me and prayed for complete healing. The next day I went to the hospital for the third drain to be put in. The abscess was completely gone. The power of prayer!! However, I was still so weak I could only walk a few steps holding my husbands arm. A friend put me on the Micronc Silver Topical formula and gifted me a bottle. Within a week I started feeling dramatically better. I could walk a moderate distance by myself. Within a month I was 90% back. Last week my doctor released me and said I was 100% healed. I feel I am a walking miracle. God used prayers, doctors and Micronic silver to heal me. Praise be to God Almighty and His Son, Jesus. 

Pastor Greg Young

Texas       01-28-2022

I was in a catastrophic car accident and have severe damage to both legs. I actually broke everything but my shoulders, elbows and right hip, while saving my daughters life. I met Natures Miracle Silver Lining company at the Trinity Health Freedom Expo in Illinois and they blessed me with some Oleazone and Micronic Silver. I use the Oleazone on my feet and legs and it has had a dramatic impact on my sleep. I use the Micronic Silver Dietary Supplement daily and the Micronic Nasal Spray due to cedar fever season and I have remained healthy throughout. I have also included it in my regiment when I travel and again the results are no illnesses. I highly recommend the product. Thank You, Pastor Gregory Young, 


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